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 Basic stats

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PostSubject: Basic stats   Basic stats EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 3:40 am

Meaning LV is Level and S/D is Str/DEF

1:LV 8:S/D/ 40:LV 66:S/D
2:LV 9:S/D /41:LV 68:S/D
3:LV 11:S/D /42:LV 69:S/D
4:LV 12:S/D /43:LV 71:S/D
5:LV 14:S/D /44:LV 72:S/D
6:LV 15:S/D /45:LV 74:S/D
7:LV 17:S/D /46:LV 75:S/D
8:LV 18:S/D /48:LV 78:S/D
9:LV 20:S/D /49:LV 80:S/D
10:LV21:S/D /50 :LV 81:S/D
11:LV 23:S/D /51:LV 83:S/D
12:LV 24:S/D /52:LV 84:S/D
13:LV 26:S/D /53:LV 86:S/D
14:LV 27:S/D /54:LV 87:S/D
15:LV 29:S/D /55:LV 89:S/D
16:LV 30:S/D /58:LV 93:S/D
17:LV 32:S/D /59:LV 95:S/D
18:LV 33:S/D /60:LV 96:S/D
19:LV 35:S/D /61:LV 98:S/D
20:LV 36:S/D /62:LV 99:S/D
21:LV 38:S/D /63:LV 101:S/D
22:LV 39:S/D /64:LV 102:S/D
23:LV 41:S/D /65:LV 104:S/D
24:LV 42:S/D /66:LV 105:S/D
25:LV 44:S/D /67:LV 107:S/D
26:LV 45:S/D /68:LV 108:S/D
27:LV 47:S/D /69:LV 110:S/D
28:LV 48:S/D /70:LV 111:S/D
29:LV 50:S/D /71:LV 113:S/D
30:LV 51:S/D /72:LV 114:S/D
31:LV 53:S/D /75:LV 119:S/D
32:LV 54:S/D /76:LV 120:S/D
33:LV 56:S/D /81:LV 128:S/D
34:LV 57:S/D /86:LV 135:S/D
35:LV 59:S/D /90:LV 141:S/D
37:LV 62:S/D /91:LV 143:S/D
39:LV 65:S/D /96
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Basic stats
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