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 Wild Kain (Master)

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PostSubject: Wild Kain (Master)   Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:33 pm

Name:Wild Kain



sexual occupation:Straight


Look Details:
Hair color:Blond
eyes:sky blue
clothing:scary type clothes
stuff:a scar across his face that is stitch up


Magic:master of all magic

he is a calm and cool guy he fights rough and is able to battle his way through all and every heartless and nobody he is a power house when it come to his attacks and he is able to create creators when ever he hits a enemy down he is very strict when he is in front of the class and he is looking to drive the class into darkness he will use force to handle anything and can hold his own in a 1000 heartless battle



KeyBlade Look::

Destination:Halloween Town

Siblings: Misty

History:Kain live with his sister Misty, Kain has been a wielder for 3 years when he first obtain his keyblade at 10 and he wield his keyblade until he was 13 during the battle on his home world he later lost his keyblade powers and lost the power to wield it he later was thrown from the world and ended up in Halloween Town he spend his next few years protecting Halloween Town from hallows and nobodies

at the age of 16 he was consider a Knight of keyblade wielders he was able to open dark portals and use them to travel around he was not knowing where he was going so he started portal hopping around he reach many places like deep jungle and twilight town he soon came across a world that was not like anything he ever seen the place was a empty large castle that was run down castle.

kain spend his life fixing up the castle and making it better and soon as it was finish he set up his darkness to be the main power source and came across a weird magic source that open up portals that was able to let anyone travel to any world they have info on the portals have special coding that is a one way trip kain later invented a decide called back track that lets the user return to the castle kain ended up finding a info database on keyblade wielders and he decide to make the place the keyblade academy

Other info: none

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PostSubject: Re: Wild Kain (Master)   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:32 pm


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Wild Kain (Master)
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