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 Site rules

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PostSubject: Site rules   Site rules EmptyThu Aug 11, 2011 6:44 pm

These are the rules for the site, which should be read and remembered as well and of course everyone needs to follow them as well.


1~Alright so for the first rule, you have to treat every member that you come across the same. When we're IC some of our characters are suppose to be mean and stuff, that is fine but lets not take it OOC ok. The staff of course expects every member in the site to be respectful to everyone else and also meaning treat everyone the same, if you have an issue with a member then take it to the staff. If the person you're having a problem with is a staff then take it to Kain or Misty. Just don't cause any fights or any kind of problems, staff are here to help but also remember that staff work hard for the site and are not slaves either. We will check over your characters app as soon as possible, so don't rush for that.

2~No Godmodding, we don't play around when it comes to this rule and it is annoying when not followed as well. Anyway- You are not god so don't think of godmodding, meaning you can't know everything. You can't just dodge or hit everytime, and your not all powerful either, though depending on the level and stuff but still doesn't make you one. This last one is more directed towards skills and magic, do not abuse the powers you have and if you do so then you'll get a warning. If it keeps happening, then we see about any punishment and which also depends which kind as well.

3~ As for how many threads. You may post in as many threads as you want, well if you can keep up with them all. As for the mission now, you may only do one at a time, no more than that.

4~ This site has a word count, meaning that no one is allowed to one line here, got it. That is not allow and if you ignore that, that's a first warning and if you keep it up, another warning and if it goes to the 3rd one then that turns into a ban, depending. As for the word count, there is different ones. First there's ther keyblade wielders, which is 50 words for them. Next is the Knights, which has to be 100 for them. There's also the Masters, which should be around 150+, and a very few can be Masters and won't be that easy to be one.

5~ For topics and stuff, if no one wants others to go into their rps then put (Closed) Or with the others your rping with. (Open) for anyone to enter and or (Private). And if rping with more than two, there should be a posting order as well.

6~ There are of course different missions for different levels and magic as well. The basic magic first then goes up to Knights level magic then if you advanced to Master, you can have the higher levels of magic.

7~This is a Kingdom Hearts site yeah, but none of the cannon characters are allow here, you can use the pictures of other characters and stuff and the keyblades but no stealing info about them, meaning make your own character, and no having the same name as them either.

8~ If you want a keyblade, it must be in your sig and you only get the basic ones first and well depending on your level, the keychains. When in a mission, you can't change it either until you finish it.

9~As for MP, if you use it all already then it will recharge back but slowly and wont come back for at least 4-5 posts.

10~ All new members here get a starting stats of HP of 15, MP of 5, Strength of 3, Magic power of 1, defense of 3 please activate your Character sheet for that stats.

11~ You must have at least a avatar of your character or a sig, to know what they look like. You can have both as well, doesn't matter. Also, have a picture of your keyblade in spoilers.

12~Don't bug to be a staff for here, if we need more help with the site and if we know you can be trusted, then we see about it.

Rules may change if needed, as well to adding new ones. So read the rules every now and then.
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Site rules
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